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Reinforcing Bethlehem University Internationalization Scheme Through shifting Current Teaching Methods from a “Teacher-Centered Approach to a Learner-Center Approach”.

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Reinforcing Bethlehem University Internationalization Scheme Through shifting Current Teaching Methods from a “Teacher-Centered Approach to a Learner-Center Approach”.

Presented by: Mr Mahdi Kleibo

Date: Bethlehem March 01, 2019.


Executive Summary

Nowadays, globalization poses new challenges to universities. The Bethlehem University is aware of the challenges especially in the presence of the disabling factors (acts) that delay progress and development. Living under occupation reduces the possibilities of advancing education especially that international experts and scholars are denied access to travel by occupation. Occupation controls the socio-economic and education sectors in Palestine, which affects employment rates particularly within the youth. Accordingly, Bethlehem University is committed towards preparing students, teachers and researchers for the local and international network via reinforcing the links between education and research as perceived as a need in the region. One of the main reasons why I want to participate in this research is to develop research and innovation strategies for smart specialization in Human Resource Management, with special focus on developing knowledge in the methodologies of teaching, training and coaching. This would be a great opportunity to start getting outreach experience including training courses, workshops and exchange opportunities, also, to overcome the obstacles that the occupation puts to hinder the process of academic development in Palestine. 

Bethlehem University Research Institute strategy focuses on accelerating Bethlehem University towards more and stronger presence and engagement with resource mobilization, especially in the area of capacity building. The Dean of Research aims at training Bethlehem University academics and university faculty in research design, research methodologies because such trainings  are national and institutional major demand. This is of crucial relevance not only to Bethlehem University staff members, rather to the students. Taking advantage from this initiative, I will improve my competences and capacity as a lecturer, and facilitating the spread of experience and knowledge across the University academic disciplines. This will improve my management skills, and the quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow up on projects. I will be able to get broader understanding of policies, systems and best practices in the Human Resource Development scheme as  increase my opportunities for professional and career development. Consequently, Bethlehem University will receive higher quality graduates as contribution to the Palestinian economy to become both more capable and more inclined to follow the latest educational and best qualities and practices trends.

Bethlehem & the LaSallian Community will achieve, within deep impact, through this International Partnership:

Partnership level:

  • promote collaborative academic research initiatives;
  • enhance pedagogy and teaching methodologies in areas that involve practicums type of framework;
  • establish active exchange between faculty members to promote academic linkages;
  • enrich the understanding of the other cultures and undergraduate exchange mobility;
  • enable students enroll in subjects at Partner Institution for credit;
  • create flow of postgraduate MA and PhD scholarship opportunities.

Academic level:

  • imbed entrepreneurial mind sets within academic staff and students;
  • develop relationships and collaborations between local and international University sector and private sector organizations;
  • provide students and staff with the opportunity to practically apply entrepreneurship, both in the classroom and in a cross disciplinary way outside of the classroom;
  • empower our research skills among students and faculty members. 


Please find attached proposal down bellow for your kind reference. 




Due to the political crisis in Palestine, livelihood deterioration, high rates in poverty and low involvement in nascent businesses, Palestine has not experienced any considerable improvements in entrepreneurship.  The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics demands the need to spot the role of education and mentorship in promoting entrepreneurship. Accordingly, the current education system requires a fundamental shift toward providing the practical skills needed to dive into the private sector. Basic skills that can reform the education system to effectively produce successful entrepreneurs like how-to-think skills, marketing strategies, project management and financial management in a learning situation based teaching platform.


Bethlehem University Strategic Plan 2012-2018 Step Goal # 6 under the heading “Develop programmes that enhance student and graduate employability, entrepreneurship and good citizenship” emphasize on designing entrepreneurial-focused curricula to empower the culture of entrepreneurship and provide entrepreneurs with sharp skills needed to sustain business ventures.

Priority: Bethlehem University is in the procedure of revising its current curriculum to integrate entrepreneurship as part of it, in addition to defining and categorizing all extra-curriculum activities, my Home University host at all levels and types of lifelong learning education. Priority is given to the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.


This call is related to my Home University project under the title “Bethlehem University Institute of Tourism Training” (BUITT) which is expected to take off by the year 2020/2021. Bethlehem University has been given an extraordinary opportunity to purchase a parcel of land that will increase its campus by one-third. Purchasing this property will expand the present campus of Bethlehem University and will allow the University to meet future facility needs for new and developing programs, with special focus on enriching the Bachelor entrepreneurships and internships programs.


The purpose of the entrepreneurship is that the students shall acquire knowledge and abilities within the general area of entrepreneurship with particular focus on developing mind-set and business planning for new ventures. Main tools will be lifelong learning and teaching, learning outputs, project development, evaluation, assessment presented by vocational education and training professionals working towards creating benchmark to course outline.  

Taking as a demo the Human Resources Management (HRM) that I teach. Learn how entrepreneurship can be integrated (embedded) and measured within course activities. Course will be introduced at Home University within the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, taking under consideration the difference in entrepreneurship specializations to match with course outcomes.


I aim towards developing strong experience in entrepreneurship from curriculum and co-curricular activities starting from the process of evaluation, conception and implementation in pedagogy methodologies (education practices).  The results of the entrepreneurship activities within courses will further be developed, with emphasis on the connections between the local labor market needs and demands in relevance to the content of the course.


Working hand-in-hand with Bethlehem University main objectives to imbed entrepreneurial mind sets within Bethlehem University academic staff and students; develop relationships and collaborations between local and international University sector and private sector organizations; provide students and staff with the opportunity to practically apply entrepreneurship, both in the classroom and in a cross disciplinary way outside of the classroom, and empower research skills among students and faculty members.

In addition

  • Contribute in creating a permanent dynamic entrepreneurial mind-set at Bethlehem University and Partner University through staff capacity building programs and initiatives.
  • Contribute in improving the quality of Home University education with professional guidance to increase the relevance of practiced education to match with the labor market needs and demands.
  • Contribute to enhance the interaction with the local and international universities, private sector, national and regional authorities leading to an open and continuous dialogue on employability and entrepreneurship with special focus on measuring the impact of best practices and policies.
  • Contribute to identify, share and implement best practices via promoting entrepreneurship within local and international communities with the intervention of the private sector in the aim of bridging and promoting entrepreneurship as a tool to improve employability in the region.


Entrepreneurship became a leading component and promoter of linkage between private sector companies, academic institutions, national and international public and private organizations. It takes courage by my Home University investing in developing entrepreneurs by focusing on establishing a healthy entrepreneurial environment, seeking professional mentorship within entrepreneurship oriented education that aim towards reducing unemployment rates in Palestine.


As  an active lecturer with special interest of the of national and international networks connected to the SME and innovation sectors, this step is considered to be pioneer start that leads towards shaping my capacity towards Home University future manpower demand.  I seek to develop my experience in teaching, know how to integrate entrepreneurship element in course outline which will open a world of possibilities. Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset at my Home University, and providing up-to-date educational and training activities among students will greatly contribute not only to students but to National manpower growth. From my position as the External Academic Relations, I embrace the mission of bridging academic exchange programs that promote regional, national and international academic development. Part of it is stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge management and creating strategic partnerships and business mind-set relationships. The aim is to move towards empowering the element of entrepreneurship within my Human Resources Management course outline and positioning Bethlehem University through raising global awareness of Bethlehem University's local academic and non-academic programs, establish relationships with future scholars and bridge academic department in promoting their programs locally and internationally through identifying and developing new external, local and international academic scholarship and program opportunities.


Bethlehem University is working hand-in-hand with The Palestinian Authority and the private sector in promoting the entrepreneurial culture in education by establishing a healthy platform in research and curriculum design. I expect this mission will contribute to position my Home University taking more leading position with joined ventures we have with number of local and international incubators and accelerators with emphasis on our Palestine Partners working in the domain of Entrepreneurship: PALTEL GROUP, Sbitany Shabab, PADICO / TAMMAYAZ and the International Youth Foundation ( IYF). The two major local youth institutions working in the domain of Entrepreneurship are: Sharek Youth Forum and Palestinian Vision (PalVision, or "Ru’ya").  Running youth programs we have at the moment for Entrepreneurship are: I SERVE Leadership Institute, Passport to Success (PTS) and TAMHEED. Bethlehem University is active partner with Shark, PTS, TAMHEED and TAMMYAZ and IYF Entrepreneurship running programs.It’s worth mentioning Bethlehem University in the process of signing agreements with 1) Higher Education 2) PalTel 3) and Coventry University, University of Salford and University of South Wales from United Kingdom / Specialized International Centre for Transformation Entrepreneurship.   Coordination of UK Universities presented by the British Council Representative office in Palestine.

By kindly considering on this research call, the LaSallian community will be part of promoting the national and international mobility scheme under the umbrella Bethlehem University towards sharing more knowledge, bridging exchange and experience outsourcing between universities and entrepreneurship programs despite of the current political situation.

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Mahdi Kleibo


Mr. Mahdi Kleibo holds two Master degrees in Public Relations and Business Administration from The Hague University for Applied Sciences - Netherlands.  His background is in private sector development, institutional strengthening and capacity building with over eighteen years of professional experience that ranges from advanced management to capacity development with Palestinian Micro Small to Medium Enterprises. His assigned mission with Bethlehem University is to strengthen marketing and communications program, raise public awareness of the University's accomplishments via conducting the academic enrollment, scholarship programs, career development and international communications. Since 2012, Mr Kleibo started working with the Academic Office to be the External Academic Relations Representative operating under the auspices of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Mr Kleibo is the official representative to European Commission -Erasmus Plus Programmes at Bethlehem University. He actively participate in staff training and teaching mobility programmes as guest speaker in the domain of globalization, internationalization, institutionalization, individualization, applying synergy in education, vocation in education and adult education in higher education, and entrepreneurship.  As a Lecturer at Bethlehem University, Mr Kleibo specializes in teaching general business courses, but on top of his academic career, he dedicated his efforts towards specialization in teaching “Human Resources Development” where he mastered this area via customizing the material to match with real labor market forces.   Mr Kleibo works with several local and international partners from the private, public and governmental sector on Freelance Training and Consultancy Basis. 

Mr. Mahdi Kleibo

External Academic Relations

Erasmus Plus Coordinator

Email:      mkleibo@bethlehem.edu 

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